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Hikvision Interactive Flat Panel for Smart Office and Classroom

The new generation of technology is far-reaching, impacting every aspect of our lives, from how we work to how we learn. Now, interactive flat panels have emerged to meet the needs of people. In settings where communication and collaboration are necessary, such as office meetings and classroom discussions, the Hikvision Interactive Flat Panel can empower a smart environment and bring everyone together.

The Hikvision Interactive Flat Panel takes the lead with multi-functional solutions featuring ultra-4K resolution, accurate on-screen writing, built-in whiteboard software, and wireless screen projection. It also has a built-in Wi-Fi and Android system that lets you download apps, stream music, and browse the web directly on the panel — all in an ultra-thin design and aluminum frame. 

Transforming offices and classrooms into a smart environment is possible with the Hikvision interactive flat panel, providing smarter collaborations and more engaging presentations. This innovative display transforms your space into a dynamic hub, making information sharing and teamwork effortless.

Hikvision Interactive Flat Panel

Upgrade Your Office in 4 Ways with Hikvision Interactive Flat Panel

Conventional meeting rooms often require a projector, all the right cables, a whiteboard, writing instruments, and other items; and everything must be available and working properly when you need them. But now, Hikvision Interactive Flat Panels provide the all-in-one solution to replace all of that. Always ready for conferences, workshops, and other applications, Hikvision’s interactive displays set you and your team free from complicated preparation and uncertain outcomes, so you can get to work!

Immersive Presentation

The smart whiteboard is helpful for presenters who want to personalize their presentations. They can write on the screen to emphasize or highlight concepts. This is particularly beneficial for teams who are brainstorming. With the multiple writing feature, members can write simultaneously, take note of ideas that arise, and ultimately develop their discussion. 

Seamless Conferencing

Remote teamwork has become normal for partners around the world. That’s why Hikvision’s interactive flat panels offer a wide range of remote video conferencing options.  

With an outstanding camera quality of 8 megapixels and a 6-microphone array, remote communication is guaranteed with high-quality imaging and clear audio. It automatically frames the subject and centers speaker audio. The Hikvision Interactive Flat Panel allows both in-person and remote attendees to interact with each other as easily as if they were in the same boardroom. Furthermore, the panel’s Android operating system makes it simple to download and use any video-conferencing app from the Play Store. 

Simultaneous Projection

Connecting laptops and mobile phones is made simple for employees. For a cooperative presentation in the Hikvision interactive flat panel, up to four persons can enjoy simultaneous projection. 

By allowing multiple users to share their content on the same screen, it facilitates discussions and brainstorming sessions, creating a more dynamic and engaging presentation experience. 

Convenient Web Access

The built-in browser unlocks a world of online information with ease. Marketing teams, for example, can leverage the Internet to monitor social media accounts, gather inspiration for engaging content, and spark meaningful conversations. 

Upgrade Your Class in 4 Ways with Hikvision Interactive Flat Panel

Hikvision panels act as giant tablets, allowing teachers to incorporate interactive elements, animations, and even real-time web browsing into lessons. This can make dry subjects more interesting and cater to different learning styles. 

Impactful Presentations

Transform any lesson into an interactive experience with the panel’s powerful annotation tools. Teachers can write directly on the screen, highlighting key points and adding real-time explanations to documents and images. This visual engagement fosters deeper understanding and sparks curiosity among students. 

Additionally, the Hikvision interactive flat panels come with ultra-high resolution (up to 4K) for crisp and clear visuals. This ensures that everyone in the classroom can see the content on the screen clearly, promoting better focus and engagement. 

Enriched Education Resources

With an Android system similar to smartphones, all kinds of third-party teaching applications are downloadable on the panel, helping educators integrate tools and materials for enriched discussion.  

The panel also has a conventional way to access files. Local and USB files can be auto-classified for easy management, and users can do a quick search to find audio, video, or image files. 

Amplified Student Participation

The number of writers, page color, brush thickness and color can all be customized using the panel’s smart whiteboard technology. Knowing they would have the chance to write on the panel, students may be motivated to participate in class activities or recitations. Unlike the traditional chalk and board or marker and whiteboard, the interactive flat panel stimulates children’s fondness for gadgets. 

With multi-touch functionality, multiple students can interact with the screen at the same time. This can be used for games, quizzes, or group activities, making learning more fun and interactive.  

Effortless Sharing

With support for up to 4 projection sources, students can project their work wirelessly from their tablets or phones to the main panel. They can collaborate more effectively and exchange ideas more quickly as a result. 

The Hikvision Interactive Flat Panel revolutionizes our approach to learning and collaboration, transforming offices and classrooms, and paving the way for a smarter and more connected future.

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