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We are the leading biometrics and security systems provider in the Philippines.

We are committed to supply innovative products, ground-breaking solutions and unrivaled services to businesses and homes of all shapes and sizes.

We are committed to supply innovative products, ground-breaking solutions and unrivaled services

Our priority is to satisfy our client and give them quality service. To meet this commitment, MySolutions invested on a structured customer support group consisting of well-trained and experienced engineers dedicated to serve our clients’ needs.

Empowering Possibilities and Driving Innovation

Established in 2003, MySolutions Inc. is one of the leading providers of biometric products and security systems in the Philippines, catering to businesses and households with effective solutions such as time and attendance systems, access control systems, entrance control systems, and security inspection systems from ZKTeco, a major global manufacturer and provider of multi-biometric and security solutions.

Focusing on technology and business innovation, MySolutions has become an exclusive distributor in the country of Pudu Robotics, a leading provider of smart delivery and advertising robots for commercial and industrial applications that are used in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, hospitality, healthcare, retail, and logistics, among others.

Complementing its products is the company’s unrivaled after-sales service through a structured customer support group of well-trained and experienced engineers ensuring that clients’ needs are attended to. This comprehensive product-service mix made MySolutions gain a strong foothold in the industry, keeping its promise of providing high-quality products, excellent service, and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Moving forward and in keeping with the ever-changing demands of the market, MySolutions continues to expand its product portfolio, explore new distribution channels, and grow its hardworking and passionate workforce. Having been in the business for 20 years, MySolutions believes that this is just the beginning of achieving greater heights in the years to come.

Our Vision


Our vision is to empower businesses and organizations to reach their full potential through the power of technology, security, automation, and innovation.

Our Mission


To provide our clients and partners with competitive global standard solutions and outstanding services in the field of biometrics, security, automation, robotics, and other innovative technologies that will help propel their business productivity, innovation, and growth.

To create a safer and smarter community with the use of advanced technologies and smart solutions.

To promote a healthy culture and family-like relationships within the company.

To maintain consistent sustainable growth in revenues.

    Core Values

    1. Fast and accurate is always better than slow.
    2. Ensure excellent quality of products and services exceeding customers’ expectations.
    3. Work passionately and wholeheartedly.
    4. Good is not enough, we strive to be the best.
    5. Accountability to self, colleagues, and clients. No excuses.
    6. Pursue constant learning, improvement, and growth.
    7. Build trust and mutual respect with customers and among co-workers through open communication.
    8. Empower team members to outperform themselves every day.
    9. Stay true to our commitment and deliver our promises at all costs.
    10. There is no me, only we at Mysolutions.


    ZKTeco Biometrics for Advanced Workforce Management

    ZKTeco Biometrics for Advanced Workforce Management

    The attendance records of workers are fundamental to the way a company runs. These data must be precise and up-to-date, and doing it traditionally would require laborious attention to detail. However, with the rise of technology and innovative solutions, attendance...