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Hikvision Interactive Flat Panel

Hikvision Interactive Flat Panel

The all-new Hikvision Interactive Flat Panel is your advanced, multi-function solution for various collaborative and educational scenarios. It reinvents a conventional digital display by incorporating the latest technology to deliver an excellent user experience.

Main Features:
Ultra HD Display
20px Ultra Fine Writing
Built-in Interactive Whiteboard System
Built-in Wi-Fi Projection
Built-in Camera and Microphones

Resolution Display: 3840 × 2160@60 Hz
Display Area: 1428.48mm x 803.52mm
Operation System: Android 11
Built-In Storage: 64 GB

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Hikvision Interactive Flat Panel is equipped with intelligent features to empower collaborations and presentations. Its latest technology promises to deliver an excellent user experience. Packed with powerful features like an 8-core chip, 4 projection sources, and multi-user writing, it lets you work together seamlessly. Hikvision Interactive Flat Panels leverage state-of-the-art manufacturing for unmatched hardware quality and outstanding performance.

Main Features

  • Ultra HD display with up to 3840 × 2160 resolution of input signal available.
  • 20px ultra fine writing, and 2 mm diameter recognizable with the precision of 1 mm.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi projection without any cable connection.
  • Built-in interactive whiteboard system allows annotating and sharing by QR code.
  • Looping-out display available.
  • Various audio and video interfaces for device access.
  • Built-in network switch chip saves a network switch.
  • Built-in Android system provides kinds of applications.
  • Compatible with OPS/OPS-C devices, realizing smooth switch between built-in systems.
  • Ultra-thin design with aluminum profile frame.
  • 8 MP camera pixel with a resolution ratio of up to 4K
  • Omni-directional 6-array microphone layout

interactive flat panel

Revolutionizing meetings and conferences

Hikvision interactive flat panels elevate business presentations to new heights of convenience, engagement, and effectiveness. This is achieved through advanced features like Wi-Fi projection, a collaborative smart whiteboard system, and an ultra HD display. By combining an 8-megapixel high-resolution camera and an exceptional 6-array audio source, Hikvision Interactive Flat Panels create a more engaging and productive meeting environment for both in-person and remote participants.

Revolutionize classroom discussions and presentations

Hikvision's Interactive Flat Panel takes whiteboards to the next level. It transforms static presentations into dynamic experiences by allowing teachers to draw, highlight, and incorporate multimedia directly onto the board. This fosters deeper engagement as students can actively participate by annotating or contributing to the lesson. Additionally, the built-in Android system unlocks a world of educational apps, personalizing learning and catering to diverse learning styles. Overall, it fosters a higher teacher-student interaction and boosts everyone's learning experience.

Additional information

Product Model

DS-D5B65RB/D / DS-D5B75RB/D / DS-D5B86RB/D

Screen Size

65-inches / 75-inches / 86-inches


3840 × 2160@60 Hz

Pixel Pitch

0.124 (H) × 0.372 (V) mm

Display Area


Operation System

Android 11


4 GB, Built-in Storage 64 GB

Camera Pixel

8 MP

Camera Resolution Ratio

Up to 4K

Microphone Specification

Omni-directional 6-array layout

Voice Distance

8 m

Power Supply

100 to 240 V, AC, 50/60 Hz

Working Temperature

0 ℃ to 40 ℃ (32 ℉ to 104 ℉)

Product Dimensions

1507 × 930 × 86 mm

Video Manual

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