ZKTECO High Performance 33-zones Walk-through Metal Detector ZK-D4330

ZK-D4330 adapts beams structure, modular design, and hidden wiring design. This design not only is more convenient for installation, maintenance and logistics, but also enables higher security level.

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ZKTeco Walkthrough metal detector (ZK-D4330) can count statistics of alarms and people, program self-diagnostic, has 300 adjustable sensitivity levels, excellent anti-interference, fireproof material, harmless to human body and a remote control.

It has a stainless metal bracket with adjustable viewing angles provides better viewing angle and avoids light reflection. In addition, the brightness of the back-light can be adjusted by the program to make the interface clearer.

It can be used at exhibition center, bank, government offices, prison, electronic factory, hotel.

33-Zones Standard Walkthrough Metal Detector

  • 33 detection zones
  • 7" LCD Screen display interface
  • Remote Control
  • Simple installation use
  • Excellent anti-interference ability and stability
  • Each zone has 300 adjustable sensitivity level
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