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Mitsubishi Power (Philippines), Inc: an Industrial Boiler Factory upgraded their Security Inspection Device with Built-in Temperature Scanner

Project Description

Aerial Shot of Mitsubishi Power Factory in Bauan, Batangas (Photo credit by

Company Background

Mitsubishi Power (Philippines) Inc. was acknowledged as a leader in design and manufacturing of Power Boilers and Industrial Boilers in the Philippines. Mitsubishi Power (Philippines) Inc. is also the pioneer in offering boiler risk diagnosis services, such as Risk-Based Maintenance (RBM) in the Philippines which stems from its vision of offering clients a comprehensive service from design until maintenance services. MPPI has 646 employees as of up to date.

Project Requirements

The cause of pandemic crisis affects a lot of businesses nowadays because of the health risk caused by COVID. That’s why, Mitsubishi Power (Philippines), Inc has a requirement to install a device that can inspect harmful objects / weapons and, at the same time, can help detect the body temperature of their employees and workers entering the facility.

Aside from the health protocols implemented by their facility to protect all their workers from the health risks while at work, having this type of device would give added security and safety measure for all their staff and the manufacturing facility of Mitsubishi Power Philippines, Inc.



As in many industries, manufacturers are increasingly aware that even when the pandemic ends, it will leave fundamental changes in its wake, such as greater automation and a focus on smaller, more local factories. With this transformation comes opportunity. Factories are likely to be smaller and more automated, with technology that enables them adopting contactless safety processes—all while maintaining productivity and manufacturing essential items to fight COVID-19—were enormous challenges to overcome.


Security Inspection System,
Temperature Detection
Walkthrough Metal Detector with
built-in Body Temperature Detection Terminal
ZK-D3180s [TD]2 units

The Features

walkthrough metal detector

ZK-D3180S [TD]
• Fever Detection walkthrough metal detector

• 18 detection zones

• 256 sensitivity levels

• 5.7’’ LCD display

• Counter for alarm and people

• Synchronous sound & LED alarm


Power SupplyAC100 V~240V
Working Temperature-20°C ~+50°C
Working Frequency4KHz~8KHz
Standard External Size2220mm(H)X835mm(W)X578mm(D)
Standard Internal Size1990mm(H)X700mm(W)X578mm(D)
Package Dimensions2310mm(H)X350mm(W)X665mm(D)
Gross Weight65kg
Temperature Sensor TypeIR temperature sensor

MySolutions, Inc is an authorized distributor of ZKTeco Walkthrough Metal Detector in the Philippines.


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Client Name

Mitsubishi Power (Philippines), Inc.


Project Site

AG&P Special Economic Zone, Barangay San Roque, Bauan, Batangas, Philippines

Date Installed

May 2021

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