Body Thermal Imaging Scanner (ZK-178K)

ZK-178K is an infrared thermal imager with a visible light camera which combines surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal image. It also supports real-time image transmission function.

A traditional infrared thermometer can only measure temperature and needs to measure each accessory one by one. Compared with a traditional infrared thermometer, ZK-178K can measure multiple temperatures of accessories once and potential problems can be clearly displayed on the screen.

It also has a wide range of measurement and photography functions to work in a variety of shooting environments. For example, the built-in high brightness lamp allows you to easily find the tested object in a dark environment.

This product adopts a new generation of the sensor module to ensure excellent infrared resolution and multiple color plate mode.

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• Real-time Image Transmission
• Visible Light Camera
• UFPA Sensor
• High Image Visibility
• Adjustable Emissivity
• Storage Card
• Predefined Temperature Range
• Thermal Resolution
• High-Temperature Alarm
• Type-C USB Port for Charging and Data Transmission
• Flashlight
• PC Software for Image Analysis

Additional information


Uncooled Focal Plane

Temperature Range

30°C ~ 45°C


±0.5°C (at 25°C ambient temperature)

Optimal Measuring Distance

1 meter

Temperature Measurement Response Time

≤500ms (95% of reading)

Thermal Resolution

19200 (160×120)

Pixel Dimensions



Iron red, rainbow, glowing white, glowing black, glowing red, lava, high-contrast rainbow

Bandwidth of Infrared Spectroscopy

8 ~ 14μm

Field of View (FOV)

56°(H) * 42°(V)

Instantaneous Field of View (IFOV)


Thermal Imaging Sensitivity


Frame Rate


Temperature Measuring Point

Besides central point, 3 temperature measuring points can be added

Data Communication

Type-C USB

Charging Voltage/Current



A single Li-ion 3.7V/5000mAh 26650 battery


2.8" TFT LCD

Dimensions (mm)

236 * 75.5 * 86

Standard Carton Gross Weight


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