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Must-Have Features In Biometric Time Attendance This 2021

For the biometrics industry, new features are added to time attendance and access control devices designed to adapt to the ‘new normal’.

In just over a year, our ways of life have drastically changed due to the pandemic. Before we know it, health safety has become a top priority throughout the population; making way to the rise of technologies that prevents the spread of COVID-19.

Body Temperature Detection

One of the symptoms of any viral infection is fever. ZKTeco biometric devices can read body temperature from a distance of 1 to 1.64 feet, with a measurement range of 34 to 45°C.

It can restrict users with high body temperature from entering an establishment with its door access function or when integrated with turnstiles. A body temperature reading is displayed on its touchscreen LCD and rings a sound notification when high temperature is detected to notify security personnel nearby.

Featured product: ProFace-X [CH/TD]

Face Mask Detection


Another basic safety requirement in public places nowadays is the wearing of a face mask. ZKTeco biometric devices can help ensure that guests and employees follow this protocol with its face mask detection feature.

Both a text and sound notification is activated when it detects that the user is not wearing a face mask. The device can be set to restrict the user from accessing the device.

Featured product: SpeedFace-V5L [TD]

Contactless Biometric Verification

Probably one of the biggest changes in biometrics is the increased demand for contactless or touchless biometrics; minimizing indirect contact of people with one another to prevent the possible spread of viruses.

Face Recognition

Face recognition biometrics maps a user’s facial features by capturing a photo or video. A ZKTeco biometric device has a recognition distance of up to 3 meters long which significantly improves the maximum traffic rate. While most algorithms only support 15-degree angle facial recognition, ZKTeco supports 30-degree angle facial recognition.

Featured product: MB560-VL

Watch tutorial here.

Palm Recognition

Palm recognition uses a near-infrared fill light, a wide dynamic image sensor, and an aspherical distortion-free camera optical system that captures palm and vein images under the palm skin. It has a palm recognition distance of up to 35cm and can capture high-quality palm images even when the palm is dry or wet.

Featured product: SpeedFace RFID [TD]

RFID Verification

An acronym for ‘Radio-Frequency Identification’, RFID is a technology that encodes digital data in RFID tags/cards and is transferred directly to computer systems by using an RFID reader with little or no human intervention via radio waves.

Featured product: Horus E1

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