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Convenient Parking Barrier Access: 4 Areas In Your Vehicle To Put UHF Tags

A common procedure car owners experience when they enter an establishment is to pass through a parking barrier, and a usual scenario is either the driver taps a RFID card for the barrier to open or a building staff manually opens it.

But as the technology advances, more ways have been developed to create a more convenient parking experience — the use of UHF Products.


UHF stands for Ultra High Frequency — a frequency band of a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System widely used to transmit data. In the case of parking management, it is used to automatically open or lift parking barriers; owing to its wavelength that can be read from a distance of up to 10 meters or more.


An RFID System requires a tag and a reader. The UHF Tag stores, processes, and transmits a specific serial number for one specific object; in this case, a vehicle.

ZKTeco UHF Reader (1-10F)

The UHF Reader sends its own signal in which the tag responds with the information it carries and is then transmitted to the access control management software. The parking barrier will then be lifted upon valid recognition.


ZKTeco, a leading global biometrics and security solutions company provide various types of UHF Tags that can be placed on a specific area in a vehicle.

Inside Windshield
UHF Tag Thin Card (UHF1-TAG1)

UHF Tag Thin Card (UHF1-TAG1) can be placed on the inside windshield using a compatible card holder.

Motorcycle Helmet
UHF Tag Electronic Tag (UHF1-TAG2)

UHF Tag Electronic Tag (UHF1-TAG2) is an easy-to-stick tag for motorcycle helmets.

License Plate
 UHF Tag Anti-metal Tag (UHF1-TAG3)

UHF Tag Anti-metal Tag (UHF1-TAG3) can be placed on a vehicle’s license plate.

Outside Windshield
UHF Tag Anti-tear Electronic Tag (UHF1-TAG4)

UHF Tag Anti-tear Electronic Tag (UHF1-TAG4) has an adhesive and anti-tear design for long service life perfect to be placed on the outside of the windshield.

ZKTeco Parking Barrier, UHF Reader and Tags are distributed by MySolutions Inc. To know more about their product offerings, you may visit their website at, follow them on Facebook at, or call (02) 365-8488 or (02) 367-8188.

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