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Touchlink Time Recorder (Standard Edition)

Touchlink Time Recorder Software v2.0 (StandardEdition - MS Access Database)

1. Front End
2. Back End MS access (database)


 Supports dedicated functions of terminal devices. (e.g. In Only or Out only)
 Capable for downloading transactions using USB, Com ports and TCP/IP.
 Supports back –up and restore fingerprints.
 Clock synchronization – time of pc to device.
 Remotely can clear attendance logs from device.
 Supports Multi-Terminal devices – two or more devices connect into one pc.
 Automatic downloading of transactions to device.

 Database back-up.
 Administrator password change settings.
 Batch creating of schedule to employees.
 Batch grouping of employees according to their positions and departments.
 Company info.

Transactions Logs
 Store all multiple transactions of employees.
 All downloaded logs and filtered employees will display on this window.
 Editable transactions.
 Sorted by date and employees.
 Filterable by dates, employees, positions, departments and other grouping members.
 Ready to print.
 Allows inserting transaction logs.
 Export and import timelogs as an encrypted file
 Can export logs into text file or excel file.
 Computes total hours work per day (first IN and last OUT transactions).

System Requirements
1. Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 or 64bit)
2. Microsoft .net framework 2.0


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