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Interactive Digital Board

The ZKTeco Smart Interactive Digital Board is an engaging solution for both business and educational environments. Projectors, traditional whiteboards, and markers are things of the past. Watch how this innovative new product takes business meetings and classroom learning to a new level.

ZKTeco Smart Interactive Digital board will elevate your virtual meetings and presentations with a large interactive display with the capability of digitizing the entire visual process.

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• Convenient for virtual meetings: Built-in 13-megapixel UHD camera and 6 microphones array with 8-meter pickup  distance, providing clear audio and video experiences;

• Smart Whiteboard Software: User-friendly, more efficient, and creative;

• 4K Ultra HD screen and infrared touch: Improved image sharpness, simultaneous writing and commenting without  getting messy;

• Collaborative Presentations: Real-time screen sharing between devices with wireless software;

• Dual OS: Built-in Android system and Windows (Optional); capable of installation of multiple software.

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LCD Screen

ZK-IWB65B(S) : 65-inch
ZK-IWB75B(S) : 75-inch
ZK-IWB86B(S) : 86-inch

Backlight Type





3840 × 2160(pixels)

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