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Advanced Biometric Hospital Solution

Touchless Biometrics with Body Temperature Detection


Hygienic, hands-free, and accurate biometric identification is undoubtedly one of the best-known access control solutions in public areas, especially in hospitals, medical centers, clinics, and so on

We are always reminded that germs can spread from other surfaces or other people when we touch our eyes, noses, and mouths with unwashed hands. Washing hands regularly surely prevents the spread of infections like respiratory and diarrheal diseases. Using touchless authentication devices would also help a lot because we touch fewer devices and door handles in our daily lives.

The biometric solution introducing here helps reduce the risk of picking up germs from handles or other non-touchless biometric terminals. It also helps measure the accurate body temperature of all users at access points and identifies if a user is wearing a mask.

Advanced Biometric Hospital Solution


Access points and door handles are some of the most vulnerable areas in medical facilities in terms of the spread of infection, and opening doors without contact is a crucial shield in the fight against cross-infection. Those viruses and bacteria on exposure might be harmful to humans but also potentially infecting patients with disease and sickness.

ZKTeco’s touchless biometric solution is a good fit for this situation that is preventing people or patients from touching the door handle. The solution has been widely used in many practical scenarios, including private & public hospitals and institutions, medical & health centers, clinics, isolation wards, and so on.

Suitable Industries

Benefits of adopting ZKTeco touchless biometric solution

ZKTeco develops touchless biometric devices that can proactively acquire face and palm data to perform biometric template comparison and identity verification with computer vision technology after installation. Once being recognized, registered staff can enter and exit specific restricted areas, without wasting valuable time waiting in line.

Touchless Biometric Security Solution

Visible Light Facial Recognition (Access Control Terminals)

Speed of facial recognition using visible light is way faster than that using ordinary near-infrared; the recognition distance of the solution has been greatly extended to 2.5 meters as well, boosting the maximum traffc rate significantly.

2 meters of recognition distance and extra wide-angle facial recognition

Wide Angle Recognition

While most of the algorithms only support angle of tolerance of +/-15°, ZKTeco’s solution allows the angle of position of +/-30°.

Ultra-fast Verification in Less Than 0.3s

Equipped with the most advanced facial recognition algorithm, ZKTeco’s solution offers industry-leading high-speed facial recognition in less than 0.3 second.

Palm Recognition

ZKTeco’s touchless palm authentication method with a novel hand tracking technique allowing angle tolerance as wide as +/-60° in the roll axis and a recognition distance of 50cm is certainly eliminating hygienic concerns while maintaining accurate and effective high-level biometric recognition quality. Users won’t have to struggle to touch any sensor anymore

50cm of recognition distance and extra wide angle palm recognition

Combining the visible light recognition and palm recognition technique, ZKTeco’s solution supports the angle of tolerance of +/-60° during palm recognition.

Ultra-Speedy Recognition in Less Than 0.5s

This cutting-edge technology can perform palm recognition in less than 0.5 second when a registered person simply puts his/her hand over the camera of the access control terminal.

Immediate Recognition from Long Distance

Combining the advantage of using visible light palm and facial recognition technology, ZKTeco’s entrance control system can perform template comparison and authentication of a person in less than 0.3s (facial recognition) or 0.5s (palm recognition) in long-range surveillance and wide-area monitoring, i.e. within 2m (facial recognition) or 50cm (palm recognition) from the access point. There will never be long queues anymore.

Wide Angle Recognition

ZKTeco’s solution allows an angle of tolerance of +/-60° during palm recognition and that of +/-30° during facial recognition. Users do not ever have to struggle with the pose angle of the input image.

Immediate Temperature Measurement at the Entrance

Most of the thermal cameras in the market are designed for industrial use. Such temperature detection may allow up to +/-2 degrees of deviation, which is simply not precise enough for human body temperature screening during a pandemic of diseases. To solve this problem, ZKTeco combines technology with infrared temperature detection to provide accurate and fast temperature screening during identity verification.

Body Temperature Detection Specifcations

  • Temperature Deviation: +/- 0.3 degrees
  • Detection Distance: 25cm – 50cm
  • Detection Speed: >0.5s

Immediate Temperature Measurement from Long Distances

Body Temperature Measurement Network Camera manages thermal imaging and temperature measurement, visible fusion, core image, intelligent analysis, and more.

The camera provides real-time video surveillance with body temperature measurement and synchronizes measurements automatically. The response time is less than 30 milliseconds once a person passes through the detection area.

It also works together with ZKTeco’s black body to enhance the accuracy and stability with different temperature ranges.

Instant temperature measurement and facial recognition in 30ms with a measurement distance of 3-5m.

Precise forehead temperature measurement with computer vision technology

Ensure Entrance Security with Body Temperature Measurement

ZKTeco integrates the body temperature measurement into walk-through metal detectors. When users enter the detection area of 150mm from the temperature sensor, the body temperature will be detected, and when the temperature detected is over the preset value, the metal detector will trigger an alarm to notify the guard. This product can significantly boost awareness of public health while ensuring high-level biometric security and avoid general hygienic accidents caused by human error.

Walk By & Walk-Through Metal Detection

It can associate with security searches at hospitals or medical centres. It performs detection of metallic objects carrying by people who are passing through the detector. Whether the metallic substance is a knife or a weapon, the high level of detection sensitivity will help locate it and warn the guard and staff.

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