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Quaensa Foods Corporation Turnstiles System




Company Description

Quaensa Foods Corporation is a food manufacturer in Balagtas, Bulacan who produce and manufactures 3-in-1 coffee and condiments packing from the biggest food company conglomerate and biggest food brand in the country such as Nestle Philippines. Quaensa is dedicated to provide the best quality of their food production, which is backed by comprehensive programs for food safety, stringent quality control measures, and continuous improvement.


Project Description

As a business comprised of around 400 employees, Quaensa felt the need to improve their employee management by way of controlling foot traffic on their facility, arranging employee schedule using time zoning, and limiting the number of people who enter the production area. Hence, the idea of putting up a turnstile system came to mind. 


The Challenges

Time keeping management with access control function.

Quaensa wanted to control the foot traffic of their facility, arrange the schedule of employees using time zoning, and limit and control the people to enter the production area.


The Solution

Turnstile System ZKTeco Tripod Turnstile with controller and fingerprint and RFID reader 7 x TS1222
Turnstile System ZKTeco Tripod Turnstile with face installation module 2 x TS2233
Biometrics Time Keeping with Door Access Function Multi-biometrics access control terminal 4 x Pro-Bio
Biometrics Time Keeping with Door Access Function Fingerprint time attendance and access control terminal 17 x F21


Technical Features 

  • ZKTeco TS1000 and TS2000 tripod turnstile series are compact and cost-effective entrance solutions designed for smooth and silent operation, less wear and tear and reduced power consumption, suitable for areas where there is a large flow of people.
  • Multi Biological Recognition Authentication. Biometric authentication is a user identity verification process that involves biological input, or the scanning or analysis of some part of the body.
  • In order to legally access the production area, verification of employees is required. They are eligible to access the area and the biometrics also records the time in and time out of the employee.
  • All biometrics are managed via TouchLink Time Recorder Software version 5.







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Client Name

Quaensa Foods, Inc


Project Site

Balagtas, Bulacan, Philippines

Date Installed

January 2018

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