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New Ormoc Airport Security Inspection System

Company Description

New Ormoc Airport is relatively small airport serving the general area of Ormoc, located in the province of Leyte in the Philippines. It is one of three airports in the province of Leyte. Ormoc Airport is one of the few airports in the Philippines to be situated in an “airport village”, a barangay specifically designated for the airport and its surrounding area. This New Ormoc Airport was inaugurated last August 15, 2018, according to ormoc city Government, (Source: New Ormoc Airport Inauguration)

new ormoc airport, xray

Newly Rehabilitated Ormoc Airport

Project Description

Security inspection is very important for an airport facility, airport security attempts to prevent any threats or potentially dangerous situations from arising or entering the country. It serves several purposes: to protect the airport from any threatening events, to reassure the traveling public that they are safe and to protect the country and their people. New Ormoc Airport requires a security inspection system for passengers entering the facility, particularly an xray luggage inspection system that can scan briefcases, carry-on baggage, small cargo parcels. Another one is the walkthrough metal detector that has a feature of automatically counting passengers and alarm times, which is used to detect metal objects and display all the areas where they can be found.

The Challenges

  • X-ray baggage scanner and walkthrough metal detector for airport security inspection
  • After-sales support service

The Solution

ZKTeco X-ray Inspection System Single Energy X-ray Inspection System1 x ZKX5030A
ZKTeco Walkthrough Metal Detector18 Zones Walkthrough Metal Detector1 x ZKD2180s

Technical Features

  • Walkthrough Metal Detector (ZKD2180s)
    • 18 Detection Zones
    • 256 sensitivity levels
    • 3.7’’ LCD display
    • Counter for alarm and people
    • Synchronous sound & LED alarm
  • X-ray Inspection System (ZKX5030A)
    • Single Energy and display pseudo color image.
    • Widely usable for small parcels
    • High density alarm / TIP / Luggage counter
    • System running timer / X-ray emiting timer
    • System maintenance / 64 time continuous zoom in
    • Higher Wire Resolutions with HAMAMATSU X-ray detector
    • Energy Saving Mode

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Client Name

New Ormoc Airport


Project Site

New Ormoc Airport Ormoc City Leyte, PH

Date Installed

June 2018

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