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The SBTL1000S is a single lane swing barrier turnstile series designed for smooth and silent operation and low power demand. It’s made of stainless steel which makes SBT1000S highly durable.


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Single Lane Swing Barrier Turnstile (SBTL1000s)

SBTL1000S tempered-glass barriers are normally held in a locked position that denies access to the secured side. After SBT1000S’s reader (RFID /fingerprint) recognized user’s valid access card or fingerprint, its barriers will swing automatically, that allows the users to pass to the secured side.

During emergencies, the barriers will swing automatically that ensures the user can quickly access to EXIT. If power outages, the barriers will be unlocked automatically that the user can push the barriers to go through the lane.

swing barrier gate, sbtl1000s, zkteco swing barrierReliability
• SUS304 stainless steel body provides ultra-high durability
• High-quality electrical components
• Anti-crash function

Safety Features
• Barriers unlocked automatically during power outages
• Smooth and quiet operation and without exposed screws
• Durable electrical components

Built-in Reader Integration
• SBT1000S series already integrated with customers’ preference for either card or fingerprint access control reader which greatly reduces installation time & expenses
• SBT1000S series and associated access control readers have passed the factory test before shipment
• ZKTeco provides the plug&play device with the lowest price in the whole industry

MySolutions is an authorized ZKTeco Swing Barrier Gate SBTL1000s supplier in the Philippines.

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Additional information

Power Requirements

AC110V/220v, 50/60HZ

Working Temperature

-28℃ ~ 60℃

Speed of Throughput

RFID: Maximum 10/ minute
Fingerprint Maximum: 10/ minute
Face Maximum: 10/ minute
Vein Maximum: 10/ minute

Lane Width


Dimensions (LxWxH)

985mm x 200mm x 1100mm

Net Weight


Cabinet Material

SUS304 Stainless Steel

Lid Material

SUS304 Stainless Steel

Barrier Material

Tempered Glass, Stainless Speed Bar (optional)

Video Manual

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