Linux-Based AI Biometrics Time & Attendance and Access Control Terminal with Face Recognition, Fingerprint & Card Verification

Main Features:
• Visible Light Face Recognition Technology
• Wide Pose Angle Acceptance
• Door Access Control Interface
• Mask Detection Enable
• Touchless for Better Hygiene

• 2.4″ Touchscrenn Display
• Face Capacity: 500 (Optional:1,500)
• Fingerprint Capacity: 3,000 (Optional:5,000)
• Card Capacity: 3,000 (Optional: 10,000)
• Logs Capacity: 200,000
• Communication: TCP/IP, Wi-Fi (Optional), Wiegand Input/Output, RS485

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ZKTeco SpeedFace-V3L AI Biometrics Time & Attendance and Access Control Terminal is an efficient Linux-based access control terminal, utilizing visible light technology for a  comprehensive security management. This terminal provides dual authentication methods, including facial recognition and fingerprint verification. Also, SpeedFace-V3L is equipped with an ultimate anti-spoofing algorithm for facial recognition against all types of fake photos and videos attack.  Additionally, there are different versions of SpeedFace-V3L to satisfy your needs. SpeedFace-V3L [QR] comes  with a QR code module, while the SpeedFace-V3L[RFID] supports RFID cards verification function. SpeedFace-V3L series is also compatible with ZKBio Access IVS software and ZKBio Zlink Mobile APP & ZKBio Zlink-Web when switching to BEST protocol.

Main Features:

• An IP65 protection rating with waterproof and dustproof, can fully operate under extreme weather
• Multiple authentication methods: facial recognition, fingerprint, scramble QR code and RFID cards verification
• Available card modules:125KHz ID card / 13.56MHz IC card
• Hidden supplement light design with adjustable brightness
• On board web server for system configuration
• High capacity for necessary record storage. Offers 200,000 transaction logs (Facial templates: 500 / Fingerprint capacity: 3,000 / RFID card capacity: 3,000)

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