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  • Security detecting: Prevent taking contraband, such as: knife, gun and so on.
  • Factory: Prevent the loss of valued objects.
  • Education area: Prevent taking cheat-tool, such as: telephone, electronic dictionary,
    and so on

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ZKTeco Handheld Metal Detector is portable metal detector used for security inspection in the entrance of establishments. A single sweep scan on a subject’s body or on a travel bag is sufficient to detect hidden metal objects. It is an alternative and complementary tool to fixed scanners, which bring more mobility and flexibility.

With high sensitivity to all metals, your security officers an easily detects weapons, metal objects, in all situations, in compliance with the latest security standards :

✔️Airports and boarding docks
✔️Festivals and music lines
✔️Door security at nightclubs
✔️Crowed indoors events
✔️Sporting events and stadia
✔️Educational and local institutions

  • Portable metal detector, convenient to take.
  • It can be recharged. It needs 4-6 hours for charging. (standard 9V battery ,the charger and rechargeable battery are ordered additional)
  •  The alarm terms is sound and light alarm simultaneously, or vibration and light alarm simultaneously. You can choose the operate terms optionally.
  • When the low sensitivity on-off is pressed, the metal detector will only alarm when it finds big metal object
  •  Ni-MH Battery and DC charge cable (for option)

handheld metal detector

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410(L) X 85(W) X 45(H) mm

Power voltage

standard 9V battery

Operating voltage


Operating Current


Alarm terms sound

(vibration) and light alarm simultaneously



Alarm Sound


Operation Frequency


Video Manual

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