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X-ray Machine

What to prepare for the installation?

No installation needed; the device is ready for set-up.

Can your x-ray luggage inspection machine detect suspicious objects?


Can the x-ray luggage scanner detect drugs?

Yes, it can when it has the dual-energy imaging feature.

What is the maximum penetration of x-ray machine?

For smaller model: 8mm-10mm steel board
For bigger model: 30mm-38mm steel board

What is the voltage/ampere of the device?

Tube voltage 80kv / 220V, 50HZ

What is the power supply requirement?

220V, 50HZ

How many pictures/scanned images can be saved?

Around 100,000 depending on the quality/file size of the photos (2TB storage).

Can it be connected to LAN/Internet?

Yes, it can be.

Does it emit radiation when it is turned off? Must the operator wear anti-radiation gear?

No, but for safety precautions always wear protective gear.

What are the color assignments of the scanned object, from high density to low density of metal?

For Pseudo colors, a highly-dense object is dark in color while a lowly-dense object is light in color; depending on the thickness of the object.

For true-colors, black=too thick, green= mixture of plastic and rubber, blue= inorganic/light metal and orange= organic/clothes and liquids

What is the power consumption of the x-ray luggage scanner?

1 kVA (kilo-volt-ampere)

Do you have maintenance service for the x-ray luggage scanner?

We do offer preventive maintenance service aside from our after-sales support.

How to run the conveyor belt of the device?

It can be set to move forward or backwards.

What is the proper usage of the machine? (Turning the device on and off)

Close the software of the X-Ray machine » turn off the key » pull down the circuit breaker » unplug the power cable

Do you provide service unit if the device is under maintenance service?

No, we don’t.

What are the precautionary measures in using the x-ray luggage scanner?

Do not make direct contact on the scanner while the device is on as it can emit a high level of radiation.

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