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Metal Detector

What do we need to prepare for the installation?

Scissors, Cutter for box opening, and an Allen wrench (optional).

What are the precautionary measures when using the device?
  • Be careful not to drop the unit. Read instruction before connecting and assembling.
  • Make sure that the power voltage is correct. 
How long does it take in installing the device?

Maximum of 1 hour

Won’t it fall when earthquake happens?

The device is designed to withstand earthquakes. For added safety, the device can be mounted on the floor (optional) or be placed on a rubber mat.

Does it have a back-up battery?

Walkthrough metal detectors have no built-in backup battery but can be connected to a UPS system.

What are the technical parameters of a walkthrough metal detector?

This will depend on the device’s specifications. See our list of Walkthrough Metal Detectors for specific product details.

Does it support linkage function?

Our metal detectors do not support linkage function.

How long is the operating capacity of the device?

The device is designed for 24/7 usage. But for maintenance, we suggest to turn it off after office hours or when the establishment is already closed.

What is the standard or advisable setting of the device's sensitivity level?

It depends on how many zones the metal detector has and what the client prefers but it is usually set at 50%.

Does the device save data of pass and alarm count?

Yes, this device does count pass and alarm. 

When the device is restarted, does it continue to count the pass and alarm from before it was closed?

It resets its counter when power is turned off.

How to reset the pass and alarm count?

Just restart by turning off then turning on the device.

What is the battery life span of the device?

For the handheld metal detector, it will depend on the battery brand and usage.

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