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How to install the device?

The device has an installation pack included with it. In terms of mounting it also comes with a hole drilling diagram and mounting procedure. Once the mount is placed you just need to attach the device and lock it in place. 

How to add user and admin?

Press Menu then User/ Users then Add user. 

How to delete the user and admin?

Press Menu then User/ Users then select Manage Users then search for the person to delete then Edit select delete. 

How to configure the LAN to the device?

Connect a Lan cable to the device, Select or pick an available IP address on your network and assigned it to the device IP address. Next is to ping that address to check if it is replying then lastly add the device to the software. 

How to set up IP address on device?

Press the menu, then Select COMM the Ethernet select IP Address to change it’s value kindly press Mem/OK then enter the new value. 

How to download ATTLOG?

Via USB if the device has a usb port insert a flash drive on it the press MENU > USB Manager / Data Management > select download attendance Data or attlog. Wait for the loading then it’s done and saved in your Flash Drive. 

How to check the log in and log out, automatically?

It is not possible to view it automatically. Because we still need to download logs to view the updated entries. 

How to check employee logs on the device?

Press MENU > Then select Records / Attendance Search. 

How to get the serial number of the device?

The method to get the serial number:

  • For device with keyboard, please keep press the ESC button for 3 seconds.
  • For device without keyboard, please keep press the lower-right corner of the device screen
  • For old devices press MENU > System Info then Device Info.
How to delete employee’s fingerprint?

Press Menu select USERS > USER MANAGEMENT > Search on list for the name Note: Make Sure that the password field has value before deleting so that only the finger print data will be deleted. 

The device can’t read the fingerprint
  • Make sure that the device scanner is clean and the finger being scan is mildly moist.
  • Use scotch tape to clean the scanner and restart the device.

If still doesn’t work send the device for repair.

I have problem creating an admin

You can set the the admin rights/ privileges on the device via Menu> Users > User Management > Name of employee to set as admin then select admin on purview or user role. 

The clock is full, how to delete logs?

Press Menu > Data Management > Delete Attendance Data. 

I cannot download time logs thru LAN connection.

Check Lan connection, IP address Settings and Make sure the device can be pinged on the network. 

I cannot download time logs thru USB connection

Use only FAT32 format usb/ Flash Drive and clean the terminals. 

I cannot generate the keycode.

Check internet connection or Call support for assistance. Try this link. http://office.mysolutions.com.ph:26/keygenerator/

I cannot access device – ADMIN

Call Support for bypass device request make sure to fill up the waiver first. 

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