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Internationally recognised biometric security solutions

ZKTeco specializes in Access Control, Time Attendance, Entrance Control and Security Inspection.

Made available by MySolutions, the leading biometrics and security systems provider in the Philippines.

ZKTeco pioneers in biometric recognition techniques, and provides products and solutions of smart entrance management, smart identity authentication and smart office.

ZKTeco offers services on all fronts to public-service, enterprise-level and personal users.

ZKTeco Biometric Security Solutions

Core Technology

3D Structured Light Facial Recognition

ZKTeco applies the pioneering 3D surface imaging technique and develops its 3D Structured Facial Recognition, which proactively projects light to an object and observes light coding of the object’s surface to calculate the disparity between the original projected patterns and the observed patterns deformed by the surface.

Fingerprint Recognition

ZKTeco offers own intelligent property rights based algorithms, in the meantime our templates are privately owned, ZKTeco never releases algorithms and template formats to any 3rd party, the reliability of ZKTeco algorithms is based on our 20-year algorithm development experience .

Finger Vein Recognition

Since finger veins are covered by skins and invisible to human eyes, there are lower risks of spoof or duplicated vein features, and it is even lower of the combination of fingerprint and finger vein features, which provide higher anti-spoof ability

3-IN-1 Palm Recognition

The newest generation of palm recognition technology is fully upgraded in all aspects in terms of recognition method, which combines palm, palm print and palm vein recognition as one. l Anti-spoofing Technology l Wide Angle Tolerance l Ultra-long Recognition Distance

Visible Light Facial Recognition

Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition is the latest technology of ZKTeco, aimed to overcome shortcomings of previous facial recognition and achieve an all-rounded upgrade on whatever performance and reliability by using Deep Learning.

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Smart office

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