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The Best HR Software in the Philippines

Spreadsheets are a thing of the past. Save the environment by eliminating unnecessary paperwork. Embrace the future with our touch-and-go software solutions. 


Time and Attendance Payroll Software

We’ve simplified complex HR processes so you can devote your time to more pressing business matters. With our software, you can eliminate monotonous manual computation and human error.

Simply put, our Time Recording and Attendance System breaks down and analyzes the transaction logs of employees. It’s a powerful, end-to-end software solution that solves the hassle of complicated schedules and tedious timekeeping computations here in the Philippines.


Tailor fit for your company’s needs

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all software solutions. Our software features customization capabilities so that your company can personalize your payroll process according to your distinct needs and employment setup.

Whether you need multiple groups of employees getting paid separately (payroll groups) on customized payroll dates, or a custom bonus for employees (income types), our user-friendly, easy-to-use payroll software will make the entire process fast and breezy.


Say goodbye to payday headaches

Lightning-fast processing, unmatched efficiency, automated accuracy, and honest-to-goodness reliability. That’s our brand promise.

Stress-free payday

Eliminate potential processing pain-points and HR headaches!

  • Create your employee database in the easiest, fastest way imaginable

  • Integrate time and attendance info seamlessly through our biometrics device

  • Generate your payslip in less than a minute

  • Generate reports in just one click!

Promote productivity

We streamline the process so you can shift your focus back to important business issues.

  • Less time doing manual computations = more time doing productive work
  • Productive work hours generate better leads, improved output, higher sales
  • Minimizing grunt work produce happy, satisfied employees

Flexibility is key

Small-medium operation without an in-house accountant or a Standalone HR Department?

  • Fret not, Touchlink Payroll Software will guide you every step of the way
  • User-friendly system that can be mastered by just about anyone

Seamless integration

Comprehensive software solutions so you can process your payroll like a pro!

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