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Company Description

The Public Safety Mutual Benefit Fund, Inc. (PSMBFI) is a duly registered non-stock, nonprofit mutual benefit fund association, organized to provide insurance protection, and financial and material aid to its members. PSMBFI is committed to provide life insurance coverage for public safety practitioners, both uniformed and civilian.

Project Description

The PSMBFI Building is a 4-storey building with basement parking, and installed their automated parking barrier for their building’s basement parking. With this kind of system, it has been convenient for their security officer on duty to control the passage of vehicles at their parking area. The security officer uses push button installed at the guard house and a wireless remote to control the boom barrier up and down, whenever a vehicle enters and exits the building.

The Challenges

From manual parking barrier to automated parking barrier.
The client had an
existing manual parking barrier at their building, and their security officers had a hard time manually lowering the barrier whenever a vehicle entered the parking area. The PSMBFI wanted their security officers to be comfortable while on duty. By installing an automated parking barrier, it will be easier and more convenient for them to control the barrier using a remote control or push button.

The Solution

Parking Barrier Management SystemZKTeco Parking Barrier1 x PB3000

Technical Features

  • ZKTeco Parking Boom Barrier prevents unauthorized vehicles from entering restricted areas.
  • It can be raised by a remote control, access control system, and long-distance reader.
  • The boom will be automatically lowered after the vehicle passes through the gate; otherwise, the boom can be lowered manually using a remote controller or push button.

    MySolutions is an authorized distributor of ZKTeco Parking barriers in the Philippines.


Client Name

Public Safety Mutual Fund Benefit, Inc.


Project Site

Santolan Road, West Crame, San Juan Philippines

Project Started

July 2018


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