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Pudu Robots at GoodTaste Restaurant

Company Description

Dining in GoodTaste Restaurant is highly recommended when visiting Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines. The restaurant combines a fusion of Filipino and Chinese cuisines, offering large food servings for an affordable price. Located at Otek Street and near Burnham Park, the restaurant is definitely in Baguio City’s heart. 

Project Description

GoodTaste Restaurant, a beloved destination for Baguio locals and tourists, faced challenges such as long lines and extended wait times due to the high volume of customers daily. This also significantly burdens their staff, especially during peak hours. To address these challenges, MySolutions proposed Pudu Robotics’ smart robot solution to augment their service team, streamline workflows, and expedite food deliveries.


With smart delivery robots from Pudu Robotics, GoodTaste Restaurant adopted automation to improve operations and service to hundreds of customers daily, proving that delicious food and technology can go hand in hand.

GoodTaste Restaurant opted for two robot models: PuduBot 2 and BellaBot.

Robot ModelPuduBot 2BellaBot
DescriptionUniversal Delivery RobotPremium Delivery Robot
Load Capacity40 kg40 kg
Battery LifeUp to 12 hUp to 13 h

A total of 11 smart delivery robots of Pudu Robotics were acquired by the restaurant starting in the year 2022. MySolutions takes pride in providing an innovative robot solution to level up the customer service of GoodTaste Restaurant.


As the GoodTaste Restaurant integrated Pudu Robotics into its operations, fewer employees can be seen walking around the dining area. The human staff rely on their robot servers when it comes to delivering orders to customers, while they concentrate more on kitchen tasks, such as cooking and plating meals. In addition, the restaurant gives patrons another reason to enjoy their meals as BellaBot and PuduBot 2 also serve as an attraction.

Smart Robots’ Features

PuduBot 2 has a classic appearance with a 40-kilogram capacity on 3 trays but can be customized with up to 7 trays. It is a flexible robot that performs depending on the mode: delivery, birthday, cruise, or dish-return.

BellaBot, a premium delivery robot with interaction capability, features an expressive cat face, a friendly youthful voice, and a bionic body that can capture the attention of children and families.

With 360-degree sensors and automatic obstacle avoidance, PuduBot 2 and BellaBot can move intelligently inside the restaurant and serve food accurately at tables.

Client Name

GoodTaste Restaurant


Project Site

Otek St., Baguio City

Project Started



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