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Walkthrough Metal Detector with Built-in Thermal Scanner (ZK-D3180S [TD])

The 2019–20 coronavirus outbreak is an ongoing public health emergency of international concern involving corona virus disease. In this background, ZKTeco is devoted to help social institution operating regularly.

ZK-D3180S is a walk through metal detector with fever detection. Passenger puts his brow or wrist 150mm away from temperature sensor. If the temperature detected is over 37.3°C, ZK-D3180S will alarm to notice guards. This product can greatly boost the public hygiene security.

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• Fever Detection
• 18 detection zones
• 256 sensitivity levels
• 5.7’’ LCD display
• Counter for alarm and people
• Synchronous sound & LED alarm

Additional information

Power Supply

AC100 V~240V

Working Temperature

-20°C ~+50°C

Working Frequency


Standard External Size


Standard Internal Size


Package Dimensions


Gross Weight


Temperature Sensor Type

IR temperature sensor

Temperature Measurement Time


Temperature Measurement Point

Brow or Wrist

Best Temperature Measurement Distance


Height of Temperature Sensor

1500mm (customizable)

Tolerance of Temperature Measurement


Measuring Range

30°C – 45°C

Interval Between Two Temperature Measurement


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