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Flashbot (Building Delivery Robot)

  • Building Delivery Robot
  • Auto Building Delivery Service
  • Greeting and Escorting
  • Modular Adjustable Compartment
  • Auto Elevator Taking
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Flashbot (Building Delivery Robot)

Delivery Robot


FlashBot is Pudu's latest building delivery robot that can take the elevator to provide safe and reliable room delivery. Powered by cutting-edge technologies, FlashBot takes intelligent delivery to the next level, enabling digital management and services of hotels and office buildings.














Ultra-Sensitive E-Skin

"89 exclusive patented technologies"

Allows FlashBot to sensitively detect the
surroundings and take the elevator safely
and orderly with other passengers.






AI Voice Interaction

Smart robot control is
possible with a variety of
voice commands. Operation is
now easier than ever.





Upgraded Auto-Level

The upgraded six-wheel
independent suspension helps
FlashBot navigate obstacles
smoothly in any environment.






One-Tap Call

"FlashBot is at your service
with a single tap."








IoT Technology

The IoT technology allows operating
instructions to be transmitted between
FlashBot and other devices in the building
via a cloud-based network connection,
creating a set of intelligent, digital
residential solutions centered around the











Usage Scenarios (Office Building/Hotel)











  • Fast, Safe, Reliable and Secure
  • Optimized Building Management
  • Intelligent Buildings
  • Improved Customer








Product Values




Additional information

Machine dimention

539 × 515 × 1050mm

Machine weight



Max30kg, 15kg / layer

Compartment space

2-4 compartments(Adjustable)

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