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TouchLink Time Recorder Software

How to install the software?

Installation Instructions:
Note: You need to have WinRAR installed on your computer to open our installer. After downloading, Open TOUCHLINK_TR and you will see Touchlink Time Recorder with Installer folder. Inside Touchlink Time Recorder with Installer Folder, there are two folders.

First, Go to Prerequisites folder and look for the text file DOWNLOAD LINKS(.NET FRAMEWORK AND LOCAL DB).TXT and follow this procedure.

  1. Copy the link for.NET FRAMEWORK 4.5.2
  2. Copy the link for SQL 2012 LOCAL DB
    Choose between this two files
    1. ENU\x64\SqlLocalDB.MSI for 64bit Operating System
    2. ENU\x86\SqlLocaLDB.MSI for 32bit operating system
  3. Download and Install
    Upon completion go to TR STD Folder and Install setup.exe and click “everyone” upon setup installation.

Watch the video tutorial here:

How to generate the logs from device to the software?

Download logs either thru Flash drive or LAN connection.

How to download logs from device to the software?

We have 3 options. Thru flash drive, LAN and ADMS.

  • Flash Drive = Menu » Data Management » Download » Download Attendance data
  • LAN = On touchlink go to Devices and press download logs from the device
  • ADMS = Automatically transfers data from device to software

Watch the video tutorial here:

How to generate logs without internet?

Only ADMS connection requires internet connection. You can use Flash drive or LAN connection without internet.

How many employees can access the data?

If this pertains to the database, only an administrator has the privilege to view or edit the database.

How to add device?

Devices » Press add button » Fill up required field » Press OK

Watch the video tutorial here:

How to generate the key code?

You can use the link that your agent has provided you or you may call our support hotline at (02) 8364-9355 / (+63) 905 396 0506.

Please note that we can only provide keycode to clients who purchased biometrics products with MySolutions. 

How to create user and admin?

We cannot create user and admin on touchlink software. An admin account is already created upon installation. You can set user role instead.

How to delete user and admin?

Only applicable on biometric devices.

Go to Employees » Choose the employee » Click Delete

How to use the software?

MyTraining is included in the package. Our agent will demonstrate the software and its features.

Or you may watch this video tutorial to see the overview of the TouchLink Time Recorders Software: 

How to bypass the admin?

We need to have a copy of client’s database. This cannot be done by client alone.

How to add new employee?

Click Employee » Add New Employee » Fill up required field » Update

What are the system requirements of the TouchLink Software?

Dual core processor or higher running in windows 7 and up.

What is the default user name and password for TR3?

Username = Admin
Password= none

How to change the password?

Log in on software then click ‘Change Password’ module.

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