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TouchLink Time Access Management Software

How to add user and admin?

For user/employee, go to the ‘User’ module and click “+ new user” then fill up the required information.

How to view logs?

Go to the ‘Transactions’ module and go to ‘Time Entries’ to view logs.

How to delete all data?

We can’t totally delete user data. Instead, we can create a new database in the software.

When user files are deleted, it actually switches to ‘inactive mode’ so they can still restore it later on.

There’s a problem installing the SQL

SQL are installed by our technician if they encounter problem on SQL, they can contact us.

How to connect the device via LAN/WIFI

There are two options to connect to LAN (1. Direct LAN connection on PC 2. Connected to their network)

Both options require the same procedure: Go to Device menu » Comm. » Set IP ADDRESS

Does it work on MAC?

Our TAMS is currently windows-based. A Mac-based version of the software is not yet available. 

Can it export reports into other formats like CSV, PDF, XLS, etc?

Yes, we can extract the time entries into these formats.

Is TAMS customizable?

Yes, it can be customized depending on the client’s request.

What is the time limitation in accessing the door access?

We have the Time Zone function where they can set a schedule for accessing specific devices.

What can be done in adjusting the door lock?

It would depend on the specifications of the access control device.

What is the default user name and password for TAMS?


Does TAMS have ADMS configuration?

Yes, we will be needing ADMS to activate the feature of RDS (Real Time Synchronization)

Server Address: (Local IP Address of the server or Public IP if they will connecting a device on different network).

How to add turnstile device to TAMS?

Go to Device module » Devices » check the unknown device it will show the turnstile information once properly configured.

Why does the logs of INBIO do not reflect on TAMS?

INBIO is a controller, you will be needing a device that is capable of making a transaction (eg. Turnstile, Device Reader).

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