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Door Access

How to install the device?

Installation of Door Access device shall be handled by our Engineering Team. You may contact your Account Managers for further details regarding the installation of your purchased device.

Does door access generate logs?

Yes, we have standalone biometrics that can generate logs via TCP/IP or USB.

Are the door access biometrics applicable for glass and/or wood doors?

Yes, we do have models applicable for glass or wood doors.

What are the power requirements of the door access biometrics?


What are the time zone and anti-pass back features?

Access Control Time Zone can be used for door timing. The reader can be made usable during valid time periods of certain doors and unusable during other time periods. Time Zone can also be used to set Normal Open time periods for doors or set access control levels so that specified users can only access specified doors during specified time periods.

Anti-pass Back is supported in and out the access control device. In some special occasions, a cardholder who enters a door by card punching is required to exit from the same door by card punching, with the entry and exit records strictly consistent. One who followed another to enter the door without card punching will be denied when trying to exit by card punching, and one who followed another to exit without card punching will be denied when trying to enter by card punching. When a person enters by card punching and gives the card to another to try entering, the other person will be denied.

Can you do installation outside Metro Manila?

Yes, with charge for installation.

How long will it take to install the device?

It usually takes about 2-3 hours of installation.

How to request for on-site support?

The client shall simply call our support team. If the device is still covered by the device/installation warranty, we will automatically send a technical staff.

But if the product is out of warranty, we will first send a quotation. If the client agrees on the cost, we will process the schedule for on-site support.

Do you have on-site support fee?

Yes, we have an on-site support fee of P3,000.

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