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We are the leading biometrics and security systems provider in the Philippines.

We are committed to supply innovative products, ground-breaking solutions and unrivaled services to businesses and homes of all shapes and sizes.

We are committed to supply innovative products, ground-breaking solutions and unrivaled services

Our priority is to satisfy our client and give them quality service. To meet this commitment, MySolutions invested on a structured customer support group consisting of well-trained and experienced engineers dedicated to serve our clients’ needs.

Company Vision

Our vision is to make our client’s daily life better with world-class security solutions and technologies.   

Mission Statement

  1. To provide our clients and partners competitive global standard solutions and outstanding services in the field of biometrics, security, automation, software, artificial intelligence, internet of things and other innovative technologies that will help propel their business productivity and growth.
  2. To create a safer community with the use of advanced technologies and smart solutions.
  3. To promote good culture and family-like relationship within the company.
  4. To maintain consistent healthy growth in revenues.

10 Core Values of MySolutions

  1. Fast is always better than slow. 
  2. Ensure excellent quality of products and services exceeding customer’s expectations.
  3. Work passionately and whole-heartedly.
  4. Good is not enough, we strive to be the best.
  5. Accountability to self, colleagues and clients. No excuses.
  1. Pursue constant growth, improvement and learning.
  2. Build trust and mutual respect with customers and among co-workers through open communication.
  3. Empower team members to outperform themselves every day.
  4. Staying true to our commitment and delivering our promises at all cost.
  5. There is no me, only we in MySolutions.


  • 2003

    MySolutions was established as ERP & HRIS Software Company

  • 2005

    Touchlink Time and Attendance Software was made

  • 2006

    Introduced biometrics technology in the Philippines

  • 2007

    Became an authorized distributor of ZKTeco products

  • 2010

    Distributed products to retail establishments

  • 2016

    Entered online market (Lazada)

  • 2018

    Expanded product portfolio from Biometrics to entrance control system and security inspection system

  • 2018

    MyBIOPLAN Biometric Subscription Program was launched

  • 2019

    ZKTeco Cebu opened

  • 2019

    MyCAP Channels & Partners Dealership Program was launched

  • 2019

    MyREFERRAL Referral Incentive Program was launched

20,000 Clients

valued nationwide

7,000 Units

sold every year

40+ Industries


80+ Workforce

hardworking team


ZKTeco Officially Sets Foot In Cebu

ZKTeco Officially Sets Foot In Cebu

Dubbed as the Queen City of the South, Cebu City has been getting the attention of businesses and investors as it becomes a rising economy in the country. It is the same opportunity that made MySolutions Inc. bring ZKTeco Biometrics and Security Products to its...

Purchase ZKTeco Products Using Credit Card Via PayPal

Purchase ZKTeco Products Using Credit Card Via PayPal

MySolutions Inc. ― the authorized distributor of ZKTeco Biometrics and Security Systems in the Philippines has officially launched its newest payment option to provide clients a convenient buying experience. You can now purchase any ZKTeco products via PayPal using...

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