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Advanced Threat Detection with ZKTeco Security Products 


Security is important to everyone, especially today when different forms of threat are increasing. From hackers breaking into computer systems to intruders threatening the safety of people and properties, we need to recognize the need for strengthened security. Today, companies, particularly their offices and facilities, can often be targets for physical security breaches. To improve the physical security of buildings and facilities, the best solution is to secure the first point of entry by integrating threat detection systems.

Entrance Management with Threat Detection for Strengthened Security

Security systems with accurate threat detection fortify entrance management by controlling employee and visitor access. Detecting potential threats at the entrance ensures that the physical assets of your company are protected. Physical assets in the workplace are your employees, equipment, and office. 

When it comes to security, ZKTeco is proven to provide the best security solutions. They specialize in a wide range of biometric security and entrance control systems. ZKTeco is one of the top global enterprises providing innovative and premier quality security solutions to corporations and facilities all across the world.

In the Philippines, MySolutions is a leading and authorized distributor of ZKTeco products. We are a trusted ZKTeco security solutions provider in the country, catering to businesses and residences of all sizes. We understand that strengthening security and reducing risks are vital to the success of your business, which is why we only offer high-grade products manufactured by a company with an outstanding and proven record in the world of technology and security: ZKTeco.

ZKTeco Security Products for Advanced Threat Detection

ZKTeco security products are equipped with advanced threat detection features and are guaranteed to integrate seamlessly into your existing system.

Door Access Control Biometrics 

To effectively manage building entrances, prevent threats, and secure premises, controlling entry access is necessary. Door access control biometrics are the latest innovation for enhancing entrance management. A biometric access control system uses unique human features to authenticate who has permission to enter a secured area. Access control biometrics serve as door locks for combined security and convenience for authorized users. 

ZKTeco’s door access control systems with integrated biometrics offer a powerful solution for high-security environments, providing peace of mind and enhanced access control. Beyond securing entry and exit points, these systems can streamline employee attendance tracking and simplify payroll processes by integrating seamlessly with timekeeping and payroll software. ZKTeco’s versatile biometric readers go beyond traditional methods like QR codes, cards, and passwords, offering multiple authentication methods with fingerprint, facial recognition, and palm scanning.

On top of that, ZKTeco’s door access control biometrics boast their innovative facial recognition with Visible Light Technology. This technology equips the device to perform recognition of a target in a distance from 0.3m to 2m and will function automatically when it detects a face in the detection distance. With a user capacity of up to 6,000, ZKTeco’s biometric systems are ideal for corporations of all sizes.

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X-ray Inspection System 


In locations with frequent high visitor traffic, such as airports, train stations, hotels, and stadiums, security checks are carried out not only on people but also on their bags and luggage with the help of X-ray inspection.

X-ray inspection systems are powerful equipment for inspecting individuals and their belongings. For high-risk facilities or establishments, x-ray baggage inspection is an important security measure to prevent threats upon entry. It allows security personnel to identify potential threats, prohibited items, or contraband. This kind of system employs X-ray technology to create detailed images of items inside an individual’s baggage.

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Metal Detector

Since its inception, metal detection devices have become indispensable in various industries, especially for public security. There are two types of metal detectors: walk-through and handheld. Walk-through metal detectors are commonly installed in high-security areas like airports, government buildings, industrial environments, and stadiums. This human-sized equipment can pinpoint the location of a detected metal object. On the other hand, security guards typically use handheld metal detectors in malls and establishments. It is a portable device that detects if there are metal objects in the targeted area.

By utilizing metal detectors at entrances and other critical entry points, security officers can easily conduct threat detection and identify any prohibited or dangerous items, streamlining the overall security screening process and ensuring the protection of everyone within the premises. 

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Turnstile access control systems offer a powerful solution for managing entry and exit points at your facility. These systems efficiently enforce one-way human traffic by verifying credentials and granting access to authorized personnel. They remain locked until the correct credentials, such as RFID or biometric data, are presented. This not only enhances security but also deters unauthorized entry attempts by acting as a physical barrier.

In order to meet specific needs, ZKTeco offers a variety of turnstile styles, including tripod, full-height, swing, and flap barriers.

Parking Barrier


Another ZKTeco security product that supports threat prevention is a parking barrier system.

Parking barriers can help you monitor cars parking in your space and eliminate unauthorized parking. Generally, this security system controls who can access the parking space. The barriers keep unauthorized vehicles at bay and allow entry only when they have authorized approval from the management or residents. By requiring a trigger, such as a sensor or key card, to open the barrier, you can ensure that only authorized vehicles can enter the space. 

ZKTeco parking barriers can be useful for threat prevention in any kind of space or establishment that has restricted access areas and needs to control vehicle entry and exit. This includes places like office buildings, warehouses, airports, government buildings, malls, residential buildings, and villages.

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ZKTeco Security Solutions: Where Advanced Threat Detection Meets Seamless Access Control

In today’s increasingly complex security landscape, access control goes beyond simply managing entry and exit points. ZKTeco security products offer a comprehensive solution with advanced and accurate threat detection. With scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes, ZKTeco empowers organizations to prioritize security without sacrificing efficiency.

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