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MySolutions Joins the ‘Office Warehouse Tech Caravan 2024’ at Gateway Mall

MySolutions, Inc. had the pleasure of participating in the exciting Office Warehouse Tech Caravan held last May 13 to 17, 2024 at Gateway Mall in Quezon City. This week-long event buzzed with innovation and opportunities to connect with potential customers, and overall, it was a fun experience!

We showcased our expanding product portfolio, featuring leading-edge ZKTeco biometric devices, along with smart robotic solutions from Pudu Robotics and the Hikvision Interactive Flat Panel. We were thrilled to see so many shoppers stopping by to try out our products and experience the future of business solutions firsthand. 

Office Warehouse Tech Caravan

The Office Warehouse Tech Caravan, organized by the Philippines’ leading office solutions store, Office Warehouse, was a week-long expo brimming with cutting-edge technology. Renowned for offering top-of-the-line office and school supplies, furniture, and a wide array of tech products, Office Warehouse aimed to bring together tech-related companies to present their innovative offerings through this event. Their vision was multifaceted: to achieve at least a 10% sales lift, explore co-branding initiatives with participating companies, and most importantly, introduce the latest innovations to the Filipino market.  

From gaming set-ups to office must-haves, the Tech Caravan brought together different companies, all united by a common goal: revolutionizing the way people live and work through innovative tech solutions. It served as a powerful testament to the constant stream of advancements in today’s era.   

As technology evolves, so do the needs and demands of modern users. MySolutions, Inc. was proud to be a part of this exciting fair, showcasing our commitment to providing efficient and advanced business solutions. 

Innovation on Display: Cutting-Edge Products from MySolutions  

Our booth was filled with excitement throughout the Office Warehouse Tech Caravan from May 13 to May 17, packed with interactive demonstrations that showcased the future of business solutions. Visitors were greeted by Pudu Robotics‘ KettyBot and PuduBot 2, captivating everyone’s attention as they roamed the mall playing music and displaying video promotions. These interactive robots served as a delightful introduction to the groundbreaking products MySolutions offers. 

Alongside these charming robots, we displayed our top-of-the-line biometric devices from ZKTeco. The MB560 VL, MB10 VL, and EFace10 demonstrated their impressive Visible Light Face Recognition technology. People were able to see firsthand how these devices can streamline employee management through timekeeping and access control functionalities.  

But the true star of our booth was the Hikvision Interactive Flat Panel.  This wasn’t just any ordinary whiteboard! Families, friends, and even solo shoppers were drawn in by the opportunity to experience the panel’s smart whiteboard features. From trying out a variety of pen colors to drawing and writing simultaneously, it was a fun and engaging experience for everyone.  

tech caravan IFP

The Hikvision Interactive Flat Panel is an advanced digital board that can boost educational scenarios for a more engaging teacher-student interaction and elevate corporate scenarios for enhanced collaborations. It combines an elegant design with advanced features like wireless projection, smart whiteboard, Android and Windows compatibility, and high-quality camera and microphone array.  

Connecting with the Future: Fostering Connections at the Tech Caravan

The tech caravan also served as an opportunity to meet potential clients and industry professionals. We interacted with a diverse range of people: some inquirers were eager to know more about the features and specifications of the showcased products and how they can be utilized in business operations. Others, simply captivated by the high-tech advancements from ZKTeco, Pudu Robotics, and Hikvision, approached us with curious questions.  This mix of interest solidified the value of showcasing our products at the event, as it allowed us to connect with both potential customers seeking specific solutions and those intrigued by the future of technology. 

The positive response we received at the event solidified our belief in the transformative power of innovative technology. Many expressed their interest in how our solutions could streamline business operations, empower collaborations, and enhance security. We are excited to continue these conversations and help Filipino businesses embrace a future empowered by technology. 

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