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Parking Lock: Why It Is Important To Have A Private Parking Manager

With the rising number of people moving to the metro and key cities, comes the rise of residential buildings such as condominiums, apartments, and townhouses. And one of the usual concerns with these establishments is the use of parking spaces, particularly the hassle of a stolen parking spot.

Good thing, this stressful situation is now put to the past. Thanks to the newest vehicle management device developed by ZKTeco which aims to secure one’s private parking space.

ZKTeco PLOCK 2 is a private parking lock designed to automate the security of parking spaces. It comes with a number of features that provide convenient vehicle management.

180° Anti-Collision

If another car tries to take the parking spot, ZKTeco PLOCK 2’s built-in anti-collision alarm will ring.

2-3 Tons High Pressure Resistance

This device can withstand high pressure and so running a vehicle on it won’t be a problem.

IP67 Water & Dust Resistance

Have your parking lock installed both indoor and outdoor.

Long-Distance Remote Control / Auto-Sensing

Have the ease of unlocking the device by using a remote control or by placing the automatic sensor on the cigarette lighter receptacle.

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