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X-Ray Inspection Imaging: Single Energy, Dual Energy, and How They Differ

One of the common security devices that we often see on entrances of various establishments is an X-ray scanning machine. At present, there are two types of x-ray technology based on the scanned image the machine can produce: single energy and dual energy. Before knowing its difference, let’s get into how x-ray scanners work in general.

The process starts when the luggage/package/item is placed onto the conveyor belt. The object will then get inside the tunnel and trigger the sensor. Once triggered, the generator will emit x-ray that will pass through the object onto the receiver which will be transformed into electronic signals and be displayed on the screen in the form of a scanned image. The quality and accuracy of the scanned image now rely on the imaging technology the x-ray scanner uses.

Single Energy Imaging

Single energy X-ray scanners produce Pseudo Color Image. From the word pseudo meaning “false”, this type of imaging can only verify the shape and density of an object. Blue area has more density than the orange area.

Dual Energy Imaging

On the other hand, Dual energy X-Ray scanners produce True Color Image; it can verify both the shape and the material of the object. It displays different colors to denote different materials:

Orange: Organic (clothes/food/ drug)
Green: Mixture (plastic/ rubber)
Blue: Inorganic (metal)
Black: Something that X-ray could not penetrate (Normally is heavy metal)

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