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Fingerprint Biometrics: Safety & Sanitation

With the recent spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), strict safety measures are implemented by governments and private organizations to reduce and eventually stop the spread of the disease. Throughout this process, common social practices are reviewed to identify and prevent actions that might transmit the virus. In the workplace setup, the use of fingerprint biometrics has become a major concern.


Fingerprint scanners are relatively safe compared to other objects exposed to public contact such as doorknobs, elevator button, handrails, tables & chairs, toilet, faucet, etc.

For example, people usually hold door handles with their whole hand and exert a moderate amount of force to move the handle. The large contact area and the added pressure increase the likelihood of viral transmission.

On the other hand, fingerprint biometrics has a small surface area and requires only a light touch that lasts for less than a second after which they can wash their hands or use hand sanitizer. With proper sanitization practices, the threat of transmission can be dramatically reduced.



 Step 1: Disconnect the device from the power supply. 

 Step 2: Moisten a lint-free cloth (not paper or tissue) with (1-2ml) ethanol in a concentration of 75%.

 Step 3: Use the moist lint-free cloth very gently dab the window (do not wipe) the surface of the biometric fingerprint sensor. 

 Step 4: Repeat the previous steps until the fingerprint sensor completely clean (make sure there is no residual solution left over the surface of the fingerprint sensor. 

✔ Step 5: The cleaning process is complete after the biometric fingerprint sensor is dry and could reconnect it for use. 


✘ DO NOT pour glass cleaner directly on the reader window. 

✘ DO NOT submerge the sensor in liquid. 

✘ DO NOT rub the capture area with any abrasive material, including paper.


Cleaning of the fingerprint scanner can be done multiple times a day (Before office hours, before & after lunch breaks, and after office hours).

Offices are also advised to place alcohol station near the device and require employees to disinfect after using the fingerprint scanner.

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