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5 Reasons Why Biometrics Subscription Is Better Than Outright Purchase

When companies are in need of supplies and equipment, going to retail stores for an outright purchase is what they opt for. However, the lack of after-sales support and a limited warranty period usually come with it.

To address such drawbacks, the option to avail a subscription plan specifically for a timekeeping biometric device has been introduced and it’s packed with a handful of advantages.

MyBioPlan is the newest biometrics subscription service of MySolutions Inc. ― the country’s leading biometrics and security system provider designed to offer ZKTeco timekeeping device (choice of either fingerprint or face recognition)  for only P2,500 per month plus exclusive deals that typical retail stores cannot provide.

Free Time Recorder Software

Bundled with the biometric device is Touchlink™ Time Recorder Software which lets companies view their employees’ daily time record and monitor time entries from single or multiple offices/branches in real-time.

Free Customization of Time Logs Summary

Have your employee time logs exported from the device whether in text or excel file format for easier preparation of payroll.

Free Installation

Sit back and relax while our staff do the legwork and put the biometric device up and running. (Includes labor and 30 meters of wiring)

Unlimited Warranty

Yes, you read it right! A biometric subscription plan comes with an unlimited warranty both for repair and device replacement.

Unlimited Technical Support

No need to go through complicated or confusing product manuals. A dedicated technical support team is ready to assist over the phone or do an onsite visit.

For more details regarding MyBioPlan, visit MySolutions Inc. Facebook page at, email, or call (02) 365-8488 / (02) 367-8188 / (02) 257-7696 to 99.

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