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Door Locks Just Got Smarter

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Imagine you’re on your way home after a long, stressful day. You’re dead tired and all you want to do is sit back on the couch, grab some snack, and binge-watch on your favourite TV series. But just as you arrived in front of your house door, you suddenly felt something’s wrong.  You reached for your pocket and the agony came into conclusion — you lost your keys! Good thing that was just your imagination and the better news is that it doesn’t have to happen in real life.

ZKTeco’s Smart Door Lock (ML10B-ID) is your modern-day knob equipped with features that let you get in without the hassle and keep your house or office safe.

Multiple Unlock Methods


ML10B-ID is integrated with four independent unlock methods like fingerprint, RFID, mobile app, and a concealed mechanical key override for emergency access.



Manage Users via Mobile AppZKBioBT

ZKBioBT App lets you open smart door locks using your mobile phone. It also gives you full control over the device with its user management feature. You can classify users into 3 types: admin, normal, and temporary users; edit their information including name, ID and privileges; check lock transactions, and even set open-door duration/schedule.

Easy Installation

Set up your smart door lock in a breeze. Thanks to its DIY design you can easily install with no wiring required.


Traditional vs Smart

Can’t decide whether to switch to Smart Door Locks or not? Check out this comparison:

Smart Door Lock Traditional Door Lock
4 unlock methods (Fingerprint, RFID, Mobile App, and Mechanical Key) 1 unlock method (Mechanical key)
Provide access to multiple users Limited users allowed; key duplication is required
Your fingerprint is your key Inconvenient once the key is lost
Control access to a specific number of users Prone to lock picking and bumping

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